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If you have won a civil judgment against a party who refuses to pay, has defaulted on a payment plan, or cannot be found, or if you have a judgment entitling you to recover collateral provided to secure a loan, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable recovery lawyer to enforce your rights and recover what is owed to you. 

At Dawe & Christopherson LLP, we have extensive experience with recovering “difficult to collect” judgments. Once you become our client, we will leverage our skills and resources to enforce your post-judgment rights and remedies. Contact our office today to discuss your case in confidence.

Enforcement Of Judgments For Clients in California and Washington State

Our firm assists business owners, lenders, factors, real estate professionals, and other lawyers who have encountered difficulty in enforcing judgments and recovering debts. When you meet with us, we will explore all your post-judgment rights and legal remedies, including: 

  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank levies
  • Levies on personal property, such as equipment 
  • Accounts payable levies 
  • Levies on real estate
  • Receiverships
  • Assignment Orders
  • Turnover Orders
  • Recording liens on real and personal property

When a client seeks assistance recovering collateral that a party is ordered to return, we may pursue recovery using the power of the court to hold the party in contempt for failing to do so.

To evaluate how to proceed, we may turn to reliable asset investigators who can review records to obtain information about unknown assets.  Alternatively, we may require the judgment debtor to appear in court to provide testimony under oath and produce documents revealing information about their assets.

It is important to understand that, during the time a judgment is unsatisfied, California law provides that interest accrues on the outstanding amount at the rate of ten percent per year. Certain costs of enforcement, and sometimes even attorney’s fees incurred in enforcement proceedings, can be added to the amount owed. We will pursue all that you are entitled to recover from the judgment debtor.

Let our legal team handle your enforcement actions so you can focus on running your business. You can depend on us to work quickly and effectively to recover money and assets after a judgment is in place. We have a well-earned reputation as dedicated advocates of our commercial and business clients and the determination to secure your financial recovery.

When do you Need A Judgment Recovery Lawyer?

A civil judgment represents a declaration of your creditors’ rights; however, it has little value if not enforced. In some cases, debtors pay voluntarily to avoid enforcement actions, especially if they have insurance coverage or the resources to pay. However, many individuals and businesses refuse to pay or structure their affairs to avoid paying creditors.

At Dawe & Christopherson, our approach to enforcing judgments depends on factors such as the creditor’s circumstances, the amount of money involved, and the type of property or money the debtor possesses. However, if the judgment is of a modest size, we will be candid with you when it may not be cost effective to pursue recovery. When appropriate, our legal team can assist with these processes.

Time Limits For Enforcing A Judgment

In California, judgments are enforceable for ten years and can be renewed for additional 10-year periods, indefinitely. However, you must apply to the court for renewal before it expires; once a judgment lapses, you may not renew it. Once the judgment is renewed, post-judgment interest continues to accrue at a rate of ten percent per annum on the renewed judgment amount.

Contact Our Experienced California Judgment Recovery Attorneys

If a court has rendered a civil judgment in your favor, turn to Dawe & Christopherson for effective judgment enforcement. We offer aggressive representation, dependable service, and competitive rates. Contact our office today to get started with an experienced judgment recovery lawyer.