professional talking to someone with documents on the table arbitration

Consider Dean Christopherson as a candidate for your next arbitration proceeding. He has specific arbitration training and experience, is an arbitration panelist for FINRA, and is available to serve as the arbitrator in your matter. 

Dean Christopherson leverages his experience in commercial disputes, banking, and real estate law and trial practice to help parties resolve all types of disputes. If you are involved in a   commercial dispute that is subject to mediation, Dean is a clear and impartial choice to serve as your arbitrator.

Please be mindful that California Statute precludes potential arbitrators from discussion the particulars of a potential engagement with counsel or the parties in advance of the retention. Specifically, the Ethics Standards for Neutral Arbitrators in Contractual Arbitration adopted by the California Judicial Council limit a potential arbitrator’s communications with parties or counsel prior to engagement to the following:

  • responding to a request from all parties in a case to submit a proposal to provide arbitration services in that case; or 
  • responding to inquiries concerning the arbitrator’s availability, qualifications, experience, or fee arrangements.  [Standard 17(d)]

Accordingly, as Dean. Christopherson takes seriously his ethical obligations in the arbitration setting, when considering engaging him as an arbitrator for your case, please be mindful of these limitations on his ability to communicate about the matter, particularly with only one side of the dispute, and approach the engagement with these considerations in mind.